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That. Was fucking incredible. I slept most of last week, recovering from the crazy weekend. Instead of going out on the "big days" this weekend, i saved my last rave before work for the Sunday/Monday stretch. The crowd is better, and it's something i won't be able to do any more once i have an office job. The Laut & Luise label boys put together a wonderful night (and day) of deep house in one of the less-frequently-open rooms at Kater - the one with wooden floorboards and giant leaves on the ceiling and treehuts and branches and smoke and things. Holzig. I pushed as hard as i could to last till the afterparty in the kiosk which started around 3. The kiosk is the outside bar where people go to drown their sorrows when they get refused entry to the real club, but it's actually a lovely little party hut in it's own right. You can only jam about 50 people in there, but we were the most fabulous 50 people in town. Stayed through Elliver & David Dorad's set, and a bit of Sebo's, propped up against one of the posts, hanging off a beam, sweating and smiling and dancing till my body could go no more. What an amazing party. Just, wow. I'm going to miss Mira's birthday next week, and the most amazing line-up since i got to Berlin, but now i feel kind of okay about it. It's going to take a while to recover from this, but that's okay too. All i need to do this week is get a haircut, buy some socks and call my new health insurance company to confirm my social security number. Life is grand. I hope work doesn't suck out all my techno-bliss.

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