amw (amw) wrote,

safe-for-work clubbing

I headed to the Rummels Bucht around 11am this morning. Left a packed dancefloor around 5pm. It wasn't just tech house and deep house, i did the safety dance, funky town and a bunch of fabulous new wave shit too. Home for dinner. Later is Sid's last 3+1 party at the Kater. Obviously i can only stay till around 10-11pm, but the fact this is even an option is a wonder. Sja. This is why i'm here. Work is work and it stops me from doing awesome shit, but it facilitates other awesome shit, and that latter part never existed for me anywhere else, not during safe-for-work hours. Lately i've been feeling very dead and emotionless, but when i get to dance to this wonderful music i realize i'm not dead, just that there's very little else in life that means remotely as much to me as dancing to my favorite music in the world.
Tags: music

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