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domestic life

My safe-for-work clubbing turned out a little differently than intended, after heading out again Sunday evening. I did get home before midnight, but i drank too much and Monday was miserable. I forgot that delightful feeling of groggily stumbling into work with a brain incapable of doing pretty much anything. I also forgot i'm scarily good at hiding it. Fortunately this week was a bit of a "fun" one at work, where the whole department broke off into teams to do any random project they liked (think Google 20 Percent Time, except just once a year). I got to do a bunch of Android programming and work together with guys from my "freshman class" of December 2013, but won't be working with on a normal day-to-day basis. It was pretty intense and pretty good fun, and i got a bit closer to one of my fellow "freshmen" after heading round to hers after work one day for a few drinks. It's nice to start making "normal friends" (i.e. not DJ friends) here in Berlin. Keeps me grounded.

This weekend i finally got some of my shit together. Cleaned the apartment. Emailed my landlord about all the mail of his i've received. Sent back my insurance card thing. Bought an extension cord so i can finally charge my phone and (now) tablet at the same time. Also bought an HDMI cable so i can plug the tablet into the TV and watch Netflix comfortably. Since my laptop died i've been stuck with Netflix (i won't download illegal shows on my work laptop), which is okay. I finally decided to watch Buffy, even though pretty much everything Joss Whedon has done annoys the hell out of me. It's less annoying than i expected, though i don't identify with any of the characters so the "moving" episodes end up being unintentionally funny or terminally boring. Oh well, at least it's sporadically amusing. And Angel is a pretty decent show (though still nothing on Supernatural).

Anyway, yes, aside from watching Clarissa Explains It All: Urban Fantasy Edition i'm getting organized and it feels good. I'm also very, very broke. I get paid at the end of the month and i only have about €50 in my German bank, and under a grand in Canada, which isn't even enough to cover rent. This is due to the extremely expensive flight i had to book for my immigration interview. I'm going to have to bring a bunch of euros with to replenish my Canadian account since that's the only way i can pay off my credit cards. Not that i have much use for them in Germany since fuck all stores actually accept credit. I just like having them around for emergencies, and i won't qualify for one here for quite some time. Also, i pay Netflix with my credit card. I should really turn that off and force myself to watch some German television. Speaking English at work i don't learn much, and there's only so far you can go talking at bars and clubs once a week.

And on clubs, i guess i should head out. The weekend i spent at home two weeks ago was a bit of a bummer, and as painful as this Monday was, it was amazing to get out to dance during the Sunday. Since i've spent this weekend doing chores i think i deserve a reward... Although every cent i spend is going to make January more difficult. I really want to get my first paycheck so at least i can budget - right now i can only guess at how much after-tax income i'm going to be seeing.

Wow, listen to all this domestic bullshit. Welcome to the old world, same as the new world.

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