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and now they start coming out of the woodwork...

This has been a bit of a bummer of a week. I got into work yesterday and was one of about ten guys on my whole floor. Today there were only four of us. I left at lunch because honestly, fuck it. Of course sitting at home isn't much more fun. My ex-pat acquaintances are either home for the holidays or ex-patting it up with their ex-pat buddies. My budding German friends are home for the holidays. Up until this morning i'd only had one club invite, and nothing before midnight. For a city that has such a big bohemian population you'd think there would be more. Well, there is. Now i can take my pick from M.I.K.Z., Ritter Butzke, Suicide Circus and probably a few others i haven't heard about yet. Plus one of my local bars is open from 7pm. So even if the clubs are as empty as KaterHolzig was last Sunday, i won't be totally alone for the next 3 days (and Friday is definitely going to be a lonely one at work).

In other news, KaterHolzig once again proves they are reading my fucking soul by giving their New Year's and official closing party a Miami Vice theme. Complete with flamingos, pastel suits, sunsets, palm trees, aviators, credit cards and undoubtedly mountains of cocaine. I'm not too keen to go out NYE itself because historically that is the worst night of the year to party, but it'll be hard to resist, even if i do have to stand in line for 2 hours behind a bunch of annoying British tourists just to get in. Of course, one of those British tourists is my old Aussie mate R who is in town from London for New Year's, though most likely he's more interested in somewhere playing soulful/funky house (aka The Black Kind), which almost certainly won't be any of the clubs i'm interested in. Still, it'll be awesome to see him after 6-7 years. We must make it happen.

And then of course i'm jetting off to Toronto for The Most Expensive Long Weekend Ever. I am now solidly into my buffer funds and officially do not have enough money for next month's rent. It is going to be a very difficult two months ahead. But, hey, life goes on. Life goes on.

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