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still no pie
Yesterday i turned 34 amidst a truly epic hangover. Fridays i have taken to going by my kneipe on the way home and watching a game with the locals to unwind from work. I don't have a favorite team, i don't know any of the players, but unlike ice hockey, with soccer i can at least follow the game so it's not completely boring. And it is about as far away from software and white collar work as you can get, which is something i need given how intensely i am working at the moment.

Anyway, so i was watching a lower division game and the bar was pretty quiet. I figured people were home watching the Olympics. But then 9pm rolled around and a top division game kicked off, so i ordered another beer and then things got a little crazy. The average age in these sorts of places is probably mid 40s, and most of the locals have been going for 20 years so it tends to be quite clique-y. I sit at the bar and chat a bit with the bartender, but mostly just watch the game or listen to the 80s music and then leave having hardly said a word all evening. This time the place got packed, and a young couple sat down next to me and struck up a conversation. We ended up closing down the joint. I think i blew the bartender's mind - he's never seen me talk so much. All you need to do is give me a chance... Well, that and a ridiculous amount of alcohol. I played darts, drank beer, Jäger, champagne (once they realized it was my birthday), went through a whole pack of smokes, got my drinks paid-for, blacked out... Oh yeah, i blacked out. I came to, my head in the toilet of a completely different bar with someone hammering on the door. When i opened the door it was a bouncer or something, ready to unceremoniously kick me out. Major, major embarrassment. I know the only reason i went into that other bar was to buy cigarettes, but i think i ordered a beer as well, and i collapsed on the floor in the toilet and started to throw up everywhere... God, i can never show my face there again. The only upside is at least i didn't puke at my local. I remember being completely surprised by it... Because i have had some crazy nights out since i've been here, and although i've blacked out a lot, i don't remember puking anywhere. Oh well. Happy birthday to me.

The worst part of the hangover was i couldn't even hide in a pillow fort all day, because not only did i have no food, but i also had no toilet paper or contact lens liquid. I finally pulled myself out to the grocery store around 3pm and bought all my supplies for the week. Drank juice, ate some brötchen, ordered in anyway, watched Vampire Diaries, fell back asleep. Then woke up at 4 or 5 this morning. Which is actually the perfect time for me to head out to the Bucht or one of the other clubs that is just kicking off their Sunday stretch, but the truth is i still feel hungover. Day 2. Fuck. At least i still have plenty of oily bami goreng in the fridge. Maybe i will buy some music if i don't make it out to a club today, because i did really want to go clubbing on my birthday. I need to hear some good music and dance.

And not think about work, for a bit.

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Happy belated birthday! Hope you're feeling better, and a little less embarrassed. :)

Edited at 2014-02-09 08:45 pm (UTC)

Hah! I must admit, i was absolutely mortified while i was getting kicked out, and the next morning i kept going over and over what a fucking loser i must've seemed. Eventually i gave up stressing over it. Honestly, i have puked WAY more often from food poisoning than from drinking too much, and even that isn't terribly often, so going over my limit once in a blue moon... clearly it just acts as my leap-yearly reminder to slow down for the next few years :)

Happy belated birthday. When did we get so old?

Happy belated to you too! I spend very little time on Facebook these days (just the odd update or like from my phone) so i haven't really kept up to date with how you are.

This getting old thing is a spin, eh? All of a sudden i look back and realize 30 was a pretty long fucking time ago, let alone 20. Life just keeps rolling along. It's kinda nice to realize we made it this far :)

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