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I don't usually get into internet fights, but when i do, it's invariably with old people.

I am so fucking sick of people going on about how everything nowadays is worse. I don't care if they're talking about music, or the rave scene, or operating systems, or politics, or movies, or whatever. It's fucking retarded. Things fucking change. Don't complain if you can't keep up. I got no problem people bitching about how much life sucks right now. Life always sucks. Everything sucks. But please don't tell me how whatever it was a year ago or five years ago or ten years ago implicitly sucked less. You just forgot how to see between the suck.

It makes me sick to the stomach to see people who used to be excited about life become pessimists. As a kid i often thought it was so much better back in the day because that's what my elders told me. Then i grew up and realized that if all i did was pine over a time i never experienced i would miss out on the time i actually was experiencing. So i enjoyed my life. And then my friends and colleagues got a bit older and they started being the douchebags telling everyone how much better it was back in their day. Fine, be nostalgic. Nostalgia is great. But don't shit on the next guy. Don't shit on the experience of the fucking guy who was the 100th person to do something just because you were the 99th. Don't lament the loss of something that didn't actually disappear, it just changed. No one is going to steal the good times you already had. When did everyone turn into such a crotchety old fuck?

You don't get old when you get married or buy a house or stop going out or whatever. You get old when you forget to enjoy your marriage or your house or your weekends on the couch. You get old when all you have left is reminiscing and forecasting doom and gloom. And sometimes i'm so taken aback by hearing this sort of thing from people i would have expected to be open-minded, i can't help but try to persuade them that things aren't really as shitty as they've concluded. But when they twist it around like its an attack on their rose-tinted paradise, i realize they just got old, and i didn't, and this is how it feels to still give a shit about living when other people have already given up. And that kind of sucks.

But then it doesn't, because as frustrated and stressed and depressed as i still get at various points in my life, at least i'm finally free of that sad bitter belief that my best times are behind me. Maybe that's what's kept me alive.

Welcome to my birthday rant, a little late.
Tags: rants

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