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I got so at home so fast here that sometimes i kind of forget what makes it nifty. A Canadian expat i sort-of know who has lived here for a couple years now just posted a photo on his Facebook of an abandoned building i walk past every day on the way to work. It's about 4 blocks from my house, completely gutted and covered in graffiti. I guess when i got to Berlin i realized i was "settling down" so i stopped taking photos of everything, and it just became my hood. There's another graffiti-covered building that i think might be a nightclub but i'm not sure just around the corner from my house, and a few weeks ago when a giant Persian rug appeared on the sidewalk in front of it, i just shrugged and went about my business. The rug is still there, i'm not sure why. I don't think anyone who lives here knows. Tuesday morning i ran into a colleague at my subway stop (i've now met 4 colleagues at my stop) and we started chatting about work shit. Next stop some incredibly drunk kid with hair all over the place literally falls INTO the subway car and slumps against the door between us while we nonchalantly continue our nerdy smalltalk. There's another place on the 4 blocks between my house and the subway that i thought was a tattoo parlor, but then one day it was a coffee shop or something and another time there was an art exhibition - i'm not really sure, i still haven't been in to find out. If i was just visiting i probably would know. I should probably go and see the West Side Gallery. Or Tempelhofer Feld. Or something. Fuck, a couple weeks ago i went to a rave in the old Stasi headquarters and i was more excited about seeing DJs i can see any weekend at any club than, you know, being in the old Stasi headquarters. Somehow instead of becoming the giddy expat i've just become one of "the other three million" who isn't here for the music or the arts or whatever, it's just the town where i hang my hat, where i go to work and sit in a bar while all this cool shit happens around me.

Oh well. So, i am working long hours, keeping my project on track, trying to not let my team's "storming phase" arguments get me down, trying to change the corporate culture little by little... Once a week i go out for a burrito lunch, but most days i eat in front of my computer i am so busy. And every day i leave work and walk right past the Fernsehturm to the subway, and every day i emerge next to a bunch of buildings arty types are squatting, or taking photos of, or opening new tattoo slash coffee slash laundromat galleries in. And i buy my two beers from the spätkauf and two brötchen from the bakery, get home, eat, drink, watch TV, sleep, and do it all over again the next day. Friday night i get hammered at the kneipe, then Saturday i go to the grocery store hungover and unshowered, buy supplies for the week, buy a kaffee and kuchen, then flop back into bed and order in. And, if i feel like getting off my ass, i go dancing, but i haven't wanted to the last couple weeks, so instead i just get drunk and watch TV. Life is awesome. Well, not the awesome people imagine when they think about Berlin. But it is my awesome little bachelor life and i'm enjoying it.

But yeah, i've just sort of fallen back into the same groove i was in back in Toronto. Except everything is cheaper and there are amazing nightclubs and the public transit works better and i only own 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. So, actually, it's Awesome. With a capital A.

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