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It's 6am. I woke up 3 hours ago and haven't been able to get back to sleep. I keep thinking about work. I have two total wastes of space on my team. One guy is a contractor who passive-aggressively does as little work as possible while generating as much redundant code as possible. Irritating, but manageable. The other guy is one of those "senior" developers who just does not understand design patterns, clean code, test-driven development, release schedules, or QA. Literally everything he produces is inconsistent, overcomplicated and full of bugs, and he produces it with no regard to his coworkers or to future maintainers. Both of these guys have now been very explicitly told that i am the boss and the buck stops with me. The contractor just shrugged because he gets paid regardless. But the "senior" refuses to bend and refuses to learn, so the whole goddamn team is suffering because of his ego. Meanwhile i am working 10-hour days to clean up the mess and QA is working even longer there are so many bugs.

So remember how i was optimistic when i started this job? Yeah, i still am. About the guys on other fucking teams. The "über-team" i was hired into is 70-80 people, but my product team is just 15 guys, and only 4 of us are back-end guys, and half of them are dead weight. There are a bunch of good guys working on product teams parallel to mine, and some absolute superstars working on completely different teams in the tech department, but all our work is jeopardized by the incompetency ratio. And as usual, i can't just shrug my shoulders and watch the product turn to shit. Because i actually take my job fucking seriously. I care about the quality of the product i put out because i signed a contract to work FOR the company, not AT the company. And you know what? Everyone else signed the motherfucking contract too, so it is absolutely infuriating to have to work beside people who don't give a shit about the product or the corporate procedures and priorities. This isn't a fucking charity, for fuck's sake.

I guess i just do not understand what goes through the minds of people who just show up to work and half-ass it. If you don't want to work, go back to school, or enjoy the unemployment line, but for God's sake don't just show up and fuck over everyone else who actually really does want the company to succeed. What the fuck is the point of working for a company if you don't have its best interests in mind with everything you do there?

I am tired and cranky, and i am sick of working in positions where i am a boss with no power to fire people.
Tags: career, rants

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