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As i typed my last entry, and the bit about how i considered Edwin more of a legend than any of the globe-trotting superstar DJs, i thought to myself "but surely there are are some globe-trotting superstar DJs who inspire that kind of respect?" Yeah, a few. Frankie Knuckles, top of the list. I can hardly believe he's gone. The late, great Ron Hardy aside, this guy was pretty much the reason house music exists today. He didn't burn out or fade away. He didn't become an oldskool DJ. He didn't start making pop music. He showed up with a smile and played proper house music till his final days.

When i moved to Melbourne, Frankie was the first gig i went to. He was playing at one of the local gay clubs, and although i ended up leaving early, it was one of my most memorable nights in the city. Over the next couple years i went to a few other great gigs, but it was only at The Market where i could really let go and dance without a care in the world - hands in the air, dusted in glitter, confetti in my hair. And Frankie Knuckles at The Market, that was the pinnacle. For someone into house music, seeing Frankie play is like seeing Little Richard or Kool Herc. I mean, this guy was there from day one. He was there with Larry Levan, he was there with David Mancuso, he shaped it all. And 30+ years later he was still relevant, and still loved and respected by all. This is a devastating loss to everything house.

I read the news on my Facebook via Derrick Carter and Honey Dijon when i woke up... And to them he was not just an inspiration, but a friend, and their shock was palpable. I almost called in sick i was so broke up, and i only loved him as an artist and an innovator. I was choking back tears all morning at work, i don't even know why, but after Edwin this hit me really hard. I knew Frankie had struggled with diabetes and that he was no longer at the peak of health, but to lose someone so important to so many and still so honest and down-to-earth... Fuck, man. It hurts. Rest in peace, man, you changed the world for all of us.
Tags: looking back, music

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