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So my Dutch is now officially for shit. Whenever i try to say something, German comes out. I've spent so long trying to avoid Dutch words and expressions that sound weird in German that i now forget how to switch over. I still understand everything, though. Weird.

Holland is so different from Germany, or Berlin at least. It's got some of the greatest modern architecture in the world. Everything is aggressive lines and futuristic curves. People who only visit inner-city Amsterdam don't know that, but the Dutch suburbs and smaller towns are a sight to behold. Of course there is still graffiti and litter and stickering that helps you realize you're not in North America any more, but it's a lot less old and grungy than Berlin. First Dutch word i heard (at the Berlin airport) was "kut!" (cunt!) as some middle-aged chick dropped a slurpee on herself. If the Germans are direct, the Dutch are a flaming rod of in-your-face truth.

I got an apartment, thank God. I signed the contract this morning, and pay the deposit and get the keys Monday. Thank Christ. Having to fly to Canada for my citizenship last week left me totally in the shit. But now i'm moving 7 doors over, and i'll have a couple days overlap to move my backpack and clean the apartment. That means that this weekend can be exactly what i originally planned - a relaxing weekend in a boutique hotel with a keihard techno party in between.

I'm sitting in a rockabilly bar on the main drag of Eindhoven. All the Koningsdag decorations are up; there are signs saying 10 beers for 20€ for the craziness that will be tomorrow.

This is the first ever. Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) has been an institution here for 100+ years, and it is the biggest drinking day of the year. It's epically huge. Last year the Queen abdicated and passed over to her son, so it's now called King's Day, which sounds very odd to everyone's ears, but it will no doubt be equally as huge.

I'm sitting outside with a few oldies listening to rock music and overheard their conversation. They're going to Acid Oranje too tomorrow. Fuckin a. Zodiak Commune have been throwing underground acid techno parties in this area for over 20 years. I know, because they threw the first rave i ever went to back in 1996. In fact, every rave i ever went to in Holland was a Zodiak party. I can't wait to hear that shit again. If the oldies behind me can still hang with that tempo, so the fuck will i! Dutch techno, fuck yeah!


Dutch techno, fuck no! I spent the rest of the evening out drinking, and realized i have become a total Berliner. First i went to a Turkish restaurant, sat outside, and proceeded to get abused by some racist fuck going on about fuck Allah and fuck the Turks and whatever. It got so intense he picked a fight with the waiter and the shoving almost came to blows. Then a bunch of drunk skinheads came in, came out, came in, and after the waiter had moved tables for them they just pissed off laughing. I know skinhead is just a fashion in Holland so it doesn't automatically mean Nazi, but the drunkenness and disrespect had me reeling. In Berlin people get drunk as fuck, but they are largely very chill.

Then i wandered up and down the main bar street and tried to find somewhere the music didn't suck. Out of literally 50+ bars, i ended up back at the rockabilly joint again, where a live band was playing punk, ska, country and classic rock (that's all the same genre in Holland). I remember now why i was an "alto" when i lived here. Unlike Germany, there aren't strong rock and punk scenes to help keep things diverse. So the alternative music here is "anything with a guitar" and the pop music is all happy hardcore, hip-hop, dubstep, "EDM", soca, trance and moombahton (it makes me sick that that's even a real genre). It is total wigger music, full of vapid lyrics, overblown melodies, and pretty much everything i hate. At some point the band ended and the schijtmuziek came inside too. I walked up and down and eventually found a bar playing disco, which, as much as i think disco sucks, was a God-send after the reams of crap. And then they started playing soca too. Fuck me!

So here i am, back in the hotel, and probably very wisely. I don't want to be so hungover i can't enjoy the acid tomorrow. I probably will be anyway, since i drank from 17.00 till 23.00, mais c'est la vie. Outside all i can hear is happy hardcore, trance and soca. Fine. I actually enjoy going to sleep hearing beats in the background. Fortunately my hotel is well-insulated enough all i hear is the kicks and claves, so i don't have to suffer all that rap and singing and melodies that make it suck so hard. Tomorrow, techno. Tonight, for the first time since September last year, i am sleeping not on a couch.
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