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Somehow i ended up staying at work past 9pm two days last week. Both times it was just chatting to colleagues and not "real" work, but it's still draining. Thursday i headed out for drinks afterwards and played Skat with some of the guys at my kneipe. I think i'm quite the curiosity there, the divorced lesbian software developer from Canada who is 15 years younger than the rest of the place. I went again last night to watch the German cup finals, seeing as i still have no TV or internet at home. Somehow i ended up playing with the Skat guys again, and i ran into J from last week. Oh, last week i was also at the kneipe for a dart tournament (which i lost, handily), and closed the place down with a woman who took me to another bar all of 2 blocks away, where we continued to chat and drink kalimotxo and get insanely blitzed. Sometime afterwards i ended up in a heavy metal bar, then a bit later i woke up at home with possibly the worst headache i've had from alcohol in ever. Fucking red wine. It was, however, a thoroughly wonderful night. Anyway, back to last night. Of course i met all the usual suspects, watched football, ate bbq, drank beer, played cards, the works. And when they started to close up, i stood outside on the corner, and decided fuck all this drinking with moms and dads one block from my house, let's go out for proper.

Since moving it's been a bit of a dry spell for clubbing. I was really tired from the crazy couple weeks i had, but i had originally planned to go out this weekend... until i saw there wasn't really anything spectacular going on. (Well, relatively. If i'd just moved here i'd've been squeaking with excitement at everything that was on.) So, i resolved to do another kneipe weekend and leave the dancing for next week. But apparently my drunk brain had other ideas, because by about 2am i had devoured a currywurst and was walking into Renate.

Renate is a bit of an odd place. It's one of those wellknown-amongst-tourists clubs, so half the people there are the weekenders or the expat crowd who refuse to learn German. The music is fairly middle-of-the-road tech-house, but they also book a lot of my favorites from KaterHolzig to play sets here and there. The decor is the typical-for-Berlin shabby looking house with odd pieces of furniture strewn about, indoor tree huts, all that stuff. But it doesn't quite hit the absurd decadence of Kater, and because so much of the crowd is international, it has a less "homey" vibe than the Bucht, which has been my haunt since Kater closed. Even still, i've always had a pretty good time there, if less for the music and company than for the getting stupidly wrecked and dancing around hallways with glitter in my hair and finding new nooks to hide in.

Except last night was different, because the reason i chose Renate and not one of my other second-tier clubs (the Bucht was closed) was because they were having the Miss Renate Contest. Which i had no idea what it was other than drag. And it was fucking hilarious. I'm not sure if Germans have drag the way Australians and Americans do, with delightfully made-up girls that look like they walked off a stage in Vegas... But they do have bearded men in dresses wearing outrageous wigs and poorly-applied lipstick. It was a riot. There were fake orgasms and dildos and limbo sticks and some raunchy lap dance routines on a somewhat bewildered Italian tourist. The penultimate event was a stage dive to the bar for a tray of shots. Of course i helped my favorite make the journey and got completely showered in vodka in return. The two remaining finalists then had 3 minutes to collect as much underwear as they could, and of course, my fave ended up with my bra draped over her (his?) head. The last i saw of it was pink and black lace flying off into the crowd somewhere. But hey, it's Berlin, who cares? I then spent several hours dancing under a relentless strobe to a bizarre mix of oldskool rave, breaks, Jackson 5, Trio, space-disco and God knows what else. When i got out it was light and i was covered in confetti.

Pretty much one of the most hilarious nights ever.

And i guess it's this sort of completely unintended yet absolutely fabulous evening that makes me happy i am here. My work life is very stressful and as frustrating as ever, my social life as far as real friends go is non-existent, but my leisure time is completely ridiculous in the best possible way. And i think just enjoying every silly hedonistic moment purely for its own sake has left me more content than anything else i've done with my life. Fuck it all! Nothing really matters besides laughter and freedom.

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