amw (amw) wrote,

Paint the whole world with a... rainbow!

Let's hear it for the non-existent Generation X Brits who read my journal! Yay!

But speaking of rainbows, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage? Ugh. I posted a short and dry political opinion in Robert Tagorda's blog. Dryness aside, i can barely believe that in this day and age the leader of the most powerful nation in the world would place his support behind something so draconian and blatantly prejudiced. It's not about gay marriage, it's the... the utter inappropriateness of proposing a change to the fucking CONSTITUTION that explicitly discriminates against a sizeable part of American society. Maybe Newsom was pushing things faster than many Americans wanted, but Bush has totally shot himself in the foot here - going from a position most Americans favor to one that most disagree with. And what's next? Handing out stars?
Tags: news, politics, rants

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