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Well the oscars are half an hour in...
mom walk
...and they already blew the money shot - Michael Moore getting stomped by an elephant. Heh. And hooray for 6 hour delayed broadcasts!

I just discovered a new spam recipe. Trashy food haters may close the window right now. Yam. And spam. It's so fucking obvious! Why did i not think of it before? Here we go:
  • 1 can of spam

  • 1 small yam

  • 2 slices of bread

  • butter

  • cheese

  • stuff

Okay. Chuck the yam in the microwave for ten minutes. Meanwhile, heat up the pan with some butter, chuck in "stuff" (garlic, paprika, comino etc) and fry up the sliced spam till it's crispy. Take the yam out of the microwave, slice it, chuck it in the pan too. Toast the bread now. Keep frying. Butter the toast, top with yammy spam, and grated cheese. And hot sauce. Lots of hot sauce. This is quite possibly the yummiest meal i've made in... ever. Price? Less than a happy meal. Damn, i kick so much culinary ass.

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It really doesn't sound that bad...I mean except for the fact that after 15 years of vegetarian/veganism it would make me violently ill. Spam reminds me of camping trips with my dad...

It's not really awful...I just wish they'd not pack it in that clear jelly. That's the part that creeped me out as a child. Now I think "MEAT IN KY!"


Or would that be KY in meat? Hmm.

Ehh spam kicks ass. So does meat. After 3-4 years of being vegetarian living with my mom, then 3-4 years of being semi-vegetarian because meat was too expensive, i've been enjoying getting the yummy protein boost over the past couple years... Mmm dead cow!

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