amw (amw) wrote,

the down side of Doing Shit

I've now been turned down for two more credit cards, one of which was an international card transfer of American Express, who i have been a customer of for 15 years.

I've been told i have to pay television tax going back to January 2013 even though i didn't arrive in Germany till October 2013. In fact, even after arguing my point, they still want me to pay back to October 2013, even though the landlord at my previous apartment paid for that address.

The DMV has lost my application for a drivers license and now the 6 month window for converting overseas drivers licenses has passed so i will have to take a test for the fourth fucking time in my life if i want to drive here.

Meanwhile today i have been incessantly referred to as Herr on the phone, even with my details plainly in front of them on the computer screen and me correcting them numerous times.

I almost want to say fuck everything and just become one of those immigrant ghosts without any paperwork besides a passport and a bank account.

I also don't want to make an appointment with a hematologist just to find out i can't take hormones, or i should take some other medication, when i've spent the better half of a year unmedicated without any noticeable problems.

For fuck's sake.

At least i had a fun champagne breakfast Sunday that turned into a fabulous day of dancing by the river, and i drank enough water and slept long enough that Monday wasn't a complete disaster. And work is going very well. So, basically, fuck chores. Back to my tried and true approach of work hard, play hard, fuck everything else.

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