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I am disgusted and appalled with some of the people living in this country. Australians were running around the streets burning both the Australian and American flags, burning effigies of the prime minister, the president and the troops, chanting slogans like "death to Bush", "death to the prime minister", "soldiers murderers"... i can barely comprehend these people, it absolutely sickens me. They were chanting "we're all terrorists". Good. I hope they get killed in surgical strikes too. Unfortunately our spineless police force arrested only one (!) person for graffiti-ing. What a load of crap.

At least one of the TV channels here is showing NBC news overnight, even if it does appear to be one or two hours delayed telecast.

I hope we just get in there, get Saddam, fix the country up, watch the Dow go up and watch the protesters go down.
Tags: australia sucks, news, protest, rants

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