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i just saw a bicycle with a bicycle on it

Man i am beaten and bruised. A couple weeks ago i ordered some studio monitors and a sub, thinking it'd actually get delivered to my house. No dice. It was left at the post office and yesterday i carried the box home in the blazing sun. Active speakers are very fucking heavy. It took over a half hour to go what normally takes me under 10 minutes. And then when i got home i realized the cables i had bought didn't fit my old soundcard.

So, burning red and exhausted, i walked across half of Friedrichshain looking for a music store. None were open, so i ended up going to the big momma music store in Kreuzberg and buying a Novation Twitch. A bit of an impulse purchase, but when i got home and spent the next 4 hours playing tunes i knew it was worth it. It's been almost a year since i had a way to listen to music and i forgot how very much i missed it.

Of course, i had to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and i'm paying for it now. It's 4pm and i only just made it to one of my local cafés for "breakfast". I had half-planned to meet up with H or I today, but i have a feeling everyone is nursing a hangover. Or maybe i was so late they're doing their own things now. Allet jut.

So, my house is looking progressively more like a house and less like an empty box. I think it was a year ago, or thereabouts, that i was selling all my stuff to disappear. Now i'm settled on the other side of the world. Same old job, same old life. But better. I'm on my way to becoming a piece of the furniture at the club that inspired me to come here. I have a house, a sound system, a few friends.

I don't feel trapped yet. Summer here is everything people rave about - countless open airs, drinking on the streets, dancing in the sun - but it's the overcast days i love the best. Walking through the buildings at Alex i'm physically just around the corner from my office, but mentally i'm 15 again, looking out my bedroom window at the grim winter of Holland, listening to techno and dreaming of Rave City. It only took 20 years, and everything has changed, but everything is the same. This is where i belong.

* * *

Well, for now, at least.
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