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rockabilly band in the bathroom? why not!

I should get a bike. One of those things i never get round to doing. Thursday night i spontaneously met up with some friends at an art gallery and somehow ended up at the Renate for Sid's thing. I don't remember an awful lot of it, but i can conclude that every time i go to that club i am an insanely drunken mess.

I guess i needed it after working crazy long hours this week - over 40 in 4 days. Tonight M is playing at Kosmonaut, so i guess i should make an effort to do another night-time adventure, though really i want to save myself for the official Kater opening this Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Good weekend to have a break.

* * *

That was four days ago. I was sitting in Treptower Park under the trees drinking a coffee when some friends dropped by and i started an epic marathon of wonder. We walked round the park a bit, then booked canoes for a paddle along the Spree. We headed toward the city, watching the sun set behind the Fernsehturm, turned around at Watergate and canoed back up just as a massive thunderstorm started shooting forks of lightning down at the abandoned Spreepark ferris wheel. It was amazing, and hard work against the wind. Back at the boat rental place we had a couple beers before splitting up for a quick shower and dinner, then back on the road to Kosmonaut.

It's the first club in a while where i've been carded. Made sense when i got in, because as nice a venue as it is, there were a lot of kids there. After my usual places it's so odd to be back in a joint where the punters are a little self-conscious about how they look or how they dance. But, you know, couches everywhere and spectacular lights and magnificent sound and indoor smoking and "sketchy corners" and a spacious outdoor dancefloor. This is why i can never leave this city, because even the clubs that aren't my vibe make other cities' clubs look like amateur hour. It was a struggle to get M to leave, because it was already so much more fabulous than what he knew. But my friends wanted to go to Kater, and, hell, so did i. So we did.

I left around 5pm Sunday, sweating, covered in confetti, happy as could be. Slept. And got back by 10am Monday. And got more covered in confetti. And had an even bigger smile. It got debauched. I dripped with sweat. I danced till my everything hurt. When you have Rampue followed by Acid Pauli followed by Chris followed by Britta and Elli followed by Mimi and Lotti... Seriously. I can't even. I will never even. It was just utterly, indescribably fucking great.

I did make it home by midnight, barely. Well, not really. But it was still dark, so that was something. And i slept on and off for the next day, eating sushi and reading about preterism and watching stand-up comedy and listening to dub. You know. Sundays in Toronto. Tuesday in Berlin.

Today was back to work, and it was an expected shock to the system. Stressful and busy, as always. But i was still glowing, a little, so it didn't feel so bad. Only two more days to go. And in a couple weeks i'm off to the Bachstelzen/Kater festival in Poland for a few days. I should get a tent too.
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