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Knowing that i would be spending a few days in the country without power, i took some little notepads with me to Garbicz Festival. Mostly for track IDs, but also in case i wanted to write. I did want, and i did write, and normally i would post that here, but looking back, it doesn't really describe just how special the experience was. I went on my own to a festival in another country with little more than a tent, sleeping bag and a few changes of underwear. I spent over three days amongst a couple thousand people, but barely talked to anyone. Late at night i went into my tiny bivouac tent that looked straight out into the forest. Late in the morning i waited in line for the free breakfasts that were better than most hotel breakfasts. After the salami, cheese, fresh rolls, eggs, muesli, fruit, espresso... onto the dancefloor, where i danced all day and all night until i was so tired i went back to the tent to crash. Falling asleep to the sound of techno, waking up to the sound of techno, seeing all my favorite DJs not only play great sets themselves, but also dance around to all the other sets, grab pho at the same stall i was picking up my (free) dinner, sit round the fire, share a bottle of wine, whatever, it was fucking magical.

Even at night when all the people came out of the woodwork and it didn't really feel so much like a party just for the core "Sunday crew", it was still fabulous. I walked through the forest in the pitch black of night, finding little trip-out installations in various clearings, i lay in a hammock, i paddled in the lake where the less shy were frolicking around naked, i ate well, i drank a lot, i danced and danced and forgot about the world. Lighting, great, decor, great, sound systems, great, music, great. It rained just enough to keep us cool, it hailed just once covering the dancefloor in a blanket of white, but mostly the sun shone and the stars twinkled and we all shared an amazing experience. And when i had to pack up to catch the bus home i didn't shed a tear, because as beautiful as it all was, i knew just 6 days later i would see most of the gang back at Kater again for SaSoMo... I mean, fuck.

It's hard to describe just how very at home i feel in this crew. I might not be as extroverted or artistic as some. I might not see any of them outside of the clubbing world. But to be able to have somewhere to dance every Sunday afternoon, somewhere i listen to my favorite music and get completely loose and dance without a care in the world... To have a space where i can drink and chill and dance and smile and truly forget about all the stress of work and gain perspective on just how truly unimportant all that "real world" shit is... I've found pockets like this many times in my life, but i've never found it so consistently and so wonderfully as here. I can't remember the first day i arrived in Berlin, i think it was in August... In any case it was a year ago that i first walked into Kater and already knew i'd found the right place. They call it your Wohnzimmer Club here - your living room club. For some people it's the Sisy, or the Renate, or the Bucht, or whatever other place just seems to fit. Maybe it won't be here in a year, maybe i'll find a new place, but for now having this is what makes my whole life make sense.

In more boring news, i realized two days before i left for Poland that i had lost my passport somewhere. I have been too busy with work to get my German driver's license, so now i have no photo ID at all. I am a bit of a ghost now, i can't travel outside the Schengen zone, i can't fly anywhere, i can't pick up any mail at the post office, i can't apply for a credit card or bank account or anything else. But my life doesn't really need me to do that. I keep working, paying my rent, eating nice things, occasionally meeting up with friends and regularly going out dancing. I guess i should get my shit together and go to the doctor, go to the DMV, go to the British embassy... But... Fuck it. Work keeps me busy. And the weekends are mine.
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