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Fuck these fucking gentrifying bitches in this neighborhood. I just met the Berlin cops for the first time because some bitches can't deal with techno music on Saturday night. Never mind that during the motherfucking week my neighbors play shitty ass punk and hip-hop music all night long. And their dogs bark continuosly. And their 4am domestics feature yelling and breaking glass and pressing every goddamn doorbell in the apartment. Yeah, that's all good. Disturbing your neighbors' sleep on a work night? Totally cool. But God forbid you play techno on a Saturday night. You gotta call the police in for that shit. Fuck these bitches. In the ass.

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yep, seems not very cool of them.

Well now i'm sober i will admit i was playing my music very, very loud. But it still annoys me some bitch called the cops for music on Saturday night when there is some serious domestic abuse happening somewhere in our apartment too, and that's been going on at the wee hours of the morning for weeks :(

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