amw (amw) wrote,

fuck the patriarchy

It's been an interesting few weeks. Of course, as usual, it has been busy as hell. We attempted to go live at work with a feature of ours that due to a perfect storm of unpredictable feature toggles managed to break the mobile app for 3 hours. And no one on the app team noticed. Our team's feature had nothing to with mobile, so we didn't check either. We were all in very deep shit. After that we were told to create a much more oldskool go live plan that involved coming into work in the middle of the night and so on.

So clearly i needed a drink. On Friday night i was at the kneipe when i got a text from I inviting me over. So i came over. And we got very very drunk. Some other people came over too, and left. We played guitar and sang and listened to music and laughed and then collapsed into bed and woke up Saturday afternoon with the worst hangover imaginable. We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening wrapped up in blankets marathoning Once Upon A Time, ordered in Vietnamese, then passed out again. Sunday morning i made it back to my place, had a shower, then we met up again at the cupcake place to get our bearings before she headed off the the flea market and i headed down to Kater to see Soukie & Windish. Bizarrely, i bumped into U there, who i haven't seen since one of my very first weekends in Berlin. I thought at the time he would be one of my "settling in buddies", but as it turned out his locals are Griess Mühle, Loftus Hall etc on the west side and i never really go over there, so...

Monday morning, of course, i had a hangover again. I also had an insanely huge bruise on my arm due to drunkenly walking into a door. I was otherwise unhurt, but i looked like (and still look like) i have taken a serious beating. Tuesday morning sucked even more, because after only getting a few hours sleep Sunday night, i had to wake up at 3:30am to come into the office for the second attempt to go live with our feature. Of course, now that we fixed the strange combination of factors that caused the app to crash, everything went totally smoothly. My guys were overjoyed. This feature was in development before i even started working at my current company, so it's taken a bit over a year to go live. The frustrating part is that the front-end shows very little changes, but the back-end has been completely re-engineered.

Tuesday night i finally got a decent sleep, something like 14 hours. And then Wednesday was a very big work party. I got quite drunk, and went straight from the office to the nightclub we had booked out. Stayed there for a bit until some douchebag pissed me off so much i left. I was quite drunk, and stupidly thinking this nightclub to be like the usual places i go to on the weekend, i put on my sunglasses and found a couch in the corner to lie back on to doze for an hour or so. Immediately some guy has taken my glasses off and is leaning over me and patting me saying "oh i know you from the office Skype chat, i work on the next floor up, you always say such intelligent things, you really look like you should go to bed, please, let me take you home, i will make sure you get home safely..." And on it went, some well-intentioned man trying to be my knight in shining armor while actually coming off as totally creepy and demeaning. Leave me the fuck alone. I am a fucking professional partygoer, man, i'm not sure if the sunglasses and festival armband and great big fucking tattoo on my arm that says "FUCKING TECHNO" makes that clear enough. Sadly even fucking telling the idiot to his face didn't help either, because when i took my sunglasses back from him and pushed him away about 5 minutes later he came back with his jacket to put over me, and stole my sunglasses again and started pawing at me to take me home.

Seriously, you fucking cunt. Leave me the fuck alone. I was furious. The thing is, he could've said the same thing in the "raver" way and i wouldn't have had the slightest problem. What's the "raver" way? First of all, don't fucking invade my personal space or take my shit while my eyes are closed. Second of all, squeeze my shoulder gently and ask if everything is okay, and when i nod, then leave me alone, no questions asked. Yeah us rave types get flirty and huggy and have all kinds of intimate encounters at parties, but that's, you know, when everyone involved is actually fucking awake and can consent. Ugh, i still feel dirty thinking about it.

So, after i shoved him away again, i had a few shots to calm my nerves and then danced to that godawful hip-hop weird shitty pseudo-trance music that passes for pop these days, pretending it was actually music that didn't suck. But unfortunately it did suck, and that dude had soured my night so severely, i got the fuck out of there. Which probably was for the best, because although i rolled in Thursday morning with a hangover, half the office didn't even make it in, and the other half was running to the bathroom all morning to puke. And for me it just felt like another Monday.

Anywho, it sounds like all i've done is drink, which admittedly is pretty much all i do when i am not working, but i also worked very, very hard these last two weeks because of the go live thing. My guys are feeling really good about it - and so am i - but it's taken quite a toll. Good thing that today was a holiday. Or not a good thing, as it turned out, because i ended up with a day off but no ability to actually do anything useful with it due to the shops being closed. I still haven't sent off my passport application because i haven't had time to go to the post office. I really need to buy some furniture before M comes to visit at the end of the month. I also need to buy some clothes because more and more of my stuff is falling apart and i am down to a four-tank-cycle for work.

Maybe tomorrow. Seeing as i am not going out tonight. I did drop by the Holzmarkt a few hours ago for their season closing, but there was an insanely long line, and í've never seen a line there. So yay for Holzmarkt getting popular and probably bringing in a ton of cash this weekend, but i'll stick with my SaSoMo crew on Sunday afternoons when there is no line and space to dance and better music in any case. And hey, the Pampa will still be there next year...

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