amw (amw) wrote,

Holy God Damn Crap.

Well it's 9:15pm now. I got home from work around 6pm. My roommates called me into the kitchen with a disaster on their hands. The fridge wasn't working. We called our landlord, and in his typically flippant manner, he turns up says "oh i guess it overheated, you should just defrost it and then turn it on again". Well, three hours and three FULL sinks of solid ice later, the fridge is finally on again and beginning to cool down. All our food is warm. I had to cook two meals tonight, and i'm not even convinced the meat i did cook was all that healthy any more. So if i fall over dead tomorrow, that's why. I'm pissed. Our landlord said "don't turn the temperature dial too far up, or it'll overwork the fridge and it'll overheat". But with the temperature dial down, the damn fridge doesn't get cold, and our food gets mouldy. So what's it to be? The slow, creeping mould, or the instant fridge-stops-working-and-everything-goes-off mould? FUCK! I have no idea how much food i've lost to this fridge in the past 18 months, but i think i could buy a small truckload of Diet Coke with the money that's been wasted. And still he refuses to replace the fridge. Or the washer that takes 2-3 hours to do a cycle, but that's another story.

These are the things. I think i might've mentioned i'm planning on moving out of here some day soon. I'll be moving in with some friends, and maybe that will have its own difficulties, but at least THIS shit won't happen all the time. Yes, i'll have to buy furniture. Yes, i'll have to travel at least twice as far to work. Whatever, whatever... i am just sick of feeling like a hostage to my landlord's apathy. Bah.
Tags: rants

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