amw (amw) wrote,

i haven't done one of these in yonks

It might be a repeat...

A. What are your favorite smells? Oldskool tanning oil, smoke machine fog, fire twirler kerosene.
B. Can you go a whole day without caffeine? Definitely not. I drink 3-4 coffees before lunch, then several Club Mate after.
C. Who knows more about you than anyone else? There are a few people who used to, but these days it's probably only the people who read this journal regularly.
D. What song did you last listen to? Marcus Meinhardt - Endjoy.
E. Do you have a crush on anybody? I have mini-crushes on some of the party folk here, but just the kind that make me smile when i see them.
F. Do you like The Beatles? Nope. Don't get the hype.
G. If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose? Black.
H. Do you cook often? No. I don't really like cooking for one. I make a lot of sandwiches, though. This morning i finished some brötchen that you buy already half-baked in the oven.
I. What was the last film you watched? Did you like it? I don't remember the last movie i watched. I watch a lot of TV shows, though.
J. Can you sew? Enough to fix buttons, but that's about it.
K. What is your favorite fruit? Raspberries? Blackberries? Maybe mango or paw paw. I like most berries and tropical fruits.
L. Are you health conscious? I'm health-conscious but not healthy. I drink a lot of alcohol and caffeine, stay up strange hours of the night, smoke e-cigarettes, occasionally do other drugs... On the other hand, i walk everywhere, try to dance every week and very rarely eat junk food any more.
M. Go do the Kinsey scale test, what number result did you receive? Computer says "X". Heh.
N. Do you curse a lot? Yes.
O. When was the last time you had a pint of beer? From a bottle? Last night. On tap? A few days ago.
P. Are you pro life or pro choice? Pro choice.
Q. Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason? Burritos.
R. What was the last book you purchased? I don't remember. I stopped buying (and reading) books when i broke my Kindle a few years ago.
S. Where was your last vacation? I don't really take vacations. But i went to Holland for a rave last year.
T. Do you shave your pits? Yes.
U. Did you ever play seven minutes in heaven? What?
V. Girls, when was the last time you went out without a bra? Usually every Saturday when i toss on an oversized hoodie to buy groceries.
W. Guys, when was the last time you went shirtless in public? I've been shirtless (though not topless) a bunch of times sitting on the deck at Kater last summer.
X. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen? God yes. Broken leg and arm falling out of window as a kid. Broken arm falling down stairs as a teenager. Probably more i forgot.
Y. How do you like your eggs? I rarely eat eggs, but when i go to brunch i usually order scramble.
Z. What was your last argument about and who with? At work, last week probably. I am starting to get really angry and upset about some processes, which is not something i like to be at work or anywhere.
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