amw (amw) wrote,

berlin on the tipping point

Our apartment is the perfect blend of gentrifiers and not. About 4 months ago we got a letter in the mail that our street door lock was finally going to be replaced so that we would actually have to unlock it to get into the courtyard/stairwell instead of just rolling in. The due date was before Christmas, but it kept getting delayed and delayed until finally in February they put it in. Since then, i cannot count the number of times i have walked into our street door. Literally, walked into smack face-first into it. Of course, me being me, i usually just had a shitty day at work, so i get pissed and smack it a few more times and swear before pulling the sparkling new key out of my pocket to unlock it. I guess some of my fellow apartment-dwellers appreciate it, since we have "security" now, and we don't keep getting new graffiti appearing in our lobby and stairwells every few weeks. Others, apparently, find it even more annoying than i do. The politer neighbors are sticking up Post-Its saying "i lost my key, please don't lock the door i just deadlocked open". The more passive-aggressive ones are taping up notes saying "dear delivery man/gas check guy/whoever, since our door is now locked, you will have to call me on 555-1234567 to get this open". Less passive-aggressive neighbors are tying chicken wire around the door so that it can't close unless you spend 20 minutes unwinding it all. Tonight, on a beer run to restock for an off-the-cuff Skype beers with R, one neighbor topped it all. Someone in the building has taped their buzzer, for at least as long as it took me to walk down to the corner store, grab drinks and come back. I am sure some fucking yuppie in the Vorderhaus is seething. Meanwhile us proletariat in the Hinterhaus and Seitenflügeln who play loud music all hours of the night and whose windows look out on a brick wall are just happy that when we come home drunk we don't need to fumble with a second key just to get into our fucking homes. I generally hate my punk ass neighbors and their shitty music and domestic disputes and dogs and whatevs. But the last few months i am secretly loving them for their subtle protest against gentrification of this great city.

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