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In about 10 hours i will be flying off to Granada, by way of Madrid. I decided i needed to get out of the city for a while, and although i will be missing an epically wonderful party with a great lineup this weekend, this is my only chance to have a "real" vacation before i start my new job in June. Why Granada? Well, i decided i wanted to go to a beach. Granada is nowhere near a beach. Málaga is, but Málaga is one of those godawful resort towns that i hope to never be stuck in unless it starts with Las and ends with Vegas. Also, i wanted to see where Sergio Leone filmed his westerns. And the train from Granada to Almería goes right through the middle of it. Almería is by the sea. I don't think they have a beach. But they have tapas. That's about all i know about Andalucía. Oh, and there is flamenco. And flamingos. Who knows if i will see either?

My Canadian credit cards have all expired, and i still haven't been able to get a German one. My driver's license has expired and my only valid photo ID is my passport. My bank card is a chip card with a scratched and useless magnetic strip. I haven't booked any hotels and have absolutely no itinerary. I want to take a train to the end of the line where people say you can't get any further without a hire car. My Spanish is woeful. Donde está el baño? Un cerveza, por favor. I have memories of burning_angel_ traveling through Europe without a credit card and constantly having problems trying to pay for lodging and travel. I don't care. I am disappearing. Hopefully i won't spend any nights on the street. Hopefully i can paddle in the Mediterranean while drinking sangría. Maybe i will visit Africa. Back next week.

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