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Day 4

I walked east from town this morning. I guess i could've rushed to jump on the 11am back to Almería, but i don't want to rush. I can't get any connecting travel today anyway so might as well bum around by the sea till the next bus at 15.30.

You have to bum around on the beach here because the cafés are dead and the staff are cranky. This was the second place (of three) where i felt like they resented me being there. Everything costs more than in the city, doesn't taste as good and the service sucks. But, you know, beautiful.

I think i'm gonna head back to town soon and see if that nice place from last night is open for lunch. The beach around this side is peaceful, but still has a couple of houses around it, so it's not quite as magical as the one on the other side. Much as i love this landscape, i think it's time for me to get back to the city.


Yep, this joint is the place to be in San José. Musíca, tapas, cocteles... I could while away hours here. They also have wifi, except now i got access i realize i have nothing to do online. I'll upload pictures when i get home, the way we used to back in the old days.


Ahh, i had my own little siesta when i got back into town. Didn't really sleep, but lay on the couch reading Wikipedia. Yes, the same thing i do at home, but i desperately needed the break. My body hurts from all the walking, and i am pretty sunburnt to boot. Since i am leaving Almería tomorrow (to where, i don't know yet) i thought i would drop into one of the two "touristy" bars close to my pension.

I say touristy not because there are particularly more (or less) tourists than anywhere else, but because one has an American theme (complete with Cheers font in their logo) and the other has a Guinness sign. I sat down at the Irish one. There isn't much Irish about it except perhaps the Guinness. Wonderfully, though, the tapas menu includes such pub classics as nachos, burrito "de carne" and cous cous with Tex Mex vegetables (!?) I almost want to order one of these things for the comedy factor. On the other hand, i would rather order things i can't get anywhere else. Let's start with croquetas...

...with wedges! Ha. This is a sports bar - i can see the soccer from in here. Not quite as intimate as the other places i've been, but if they keep serving solid plates i can't complain. I am completely exhausted and need to get a good feed and an early night.


The food was solid. I decided to head back to my red wine haunt of the first night here for a nightcap, because i really liked how they treated me. The place is banging packed. I kinda wish i had sat down longer here now. I also wish i had come here at the beginning, because now i am sitting at the bar. Normally that's where i love to be, but i've gotten so used to smoking at the bar in Berlin that i feel kind of weird doing it without a cigarette now.

Well, something for next time. Or tomorrow, if all my travel plans fall through. The last time i checked the weather it was going to rain everywhere for the next two days, except Granada and the west. Maybe i will still end up there, but i must say the thought of heading into tourist central is not so appealing after 4 days of being in a... well, certainly touristy, but not British and French and German touristy part of the country.
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