amw (amw) wrote,

Day 8

So, off we go. I wanted to grab breakfast at one last Andaluz cafetería before going home, but when i asked the hotel clerks it seems i had to book it to Granada or i would miss my flight. I took my first taxi of the trip and he told me a little about the history of Motril on the drive. It's a sugar town, the only one in Spain outside of the Canary Islands. I would have liked to stay longer, especially after being driven through the windy streets dotted with cafés and bars calling my name, pero no tengo tiempo :(

Fortunately i did get a very quick café con leche y tostada at the bus station. I hope the Granada bus station has a little more on offer than the train station, because i have about an hour there before i need to head to the airport (which truly has nothing to offer).

I gotta say, after being a doe-eyed fool when i first arrived here, i have finally gotten comfortable stumbling through conversations. This last day in Motril where aside from the hotel staff everyone babbled happily to me en español felt good.


The bus station sucks less than the train station. A couple of enterprising folks have opened bars right next to the bus to the airport. I got about 45 minutes to kill, which is perfect for 2-3 beers.

Ah, the magic of tapas you didn't order! No menu, i just got a salami on bread, then a tortilla, then a bacon tostada. Perfect. I already forgot when the bus leaves, but worst case i miss it and take another taxi. End of the holiday. Le sigh.

Well, the bus just left at 12.20. I had 12.40 in my head for some reason. I still have plenty of time. Oh well. Kinda don't wanna leave anyway. Blar, holiday.
Tags: travel

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