amw (amw) wrote,

Vroom and stuff.

So yeah i'm going to get this car. I'm sick of stressing yes or no or either way. Looked a bit closer at the ghetto car dealer by my work and everything is $1500-2500 unregistered. Mostly station wagons and old sedans. I'd rather buy a cheap old car and spend a grand at the mechanic than a more expensive old car and just drive it around with my fingers crossed. Saturday i'll take a Greyhound up and drive it back, then drop it off at the mechanic. Hooray for less stress. Checked up the insurance, it's nothing for the stock version; they'll crank it up given the engine is different, but it shouldn't be too much because it was a factory option on later Celicas. Registration should be around $250... So all up it should be somewhere between $2000 and $3000, which is doable.

Umm... and that's it. T is back from Rakkasah, which makes me happy. I missed not being able to call her over the weekend. I miss HER too, but i'm really trying to do all the right things while i'm here... if i go back and finish college and then make a big push in about a year's time maybe i'll finally be able to move there for good. It's just... heartbreaking if i think too much about how far apart we are and how long it's going to be till i see her again. I love her so much.
Tags: american dream, car, relationships

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