amw (amw) wrote,

fuck the police

I don't know if i am going left in my old age or what. It's like i'm following in my father's footsteps. Here's a guy who grew up in an upper-middle class white Christian diplomat family - he boarded at a public school for fuck's sake - joined the Army (as a Rupert, of course) and later went into middle management. After the divorce he started drifting to the left and now is literally the most outspoken critic of capitalism and most fervent environmentalist i know. And working for an oil company, no less. He's still smart enough to know the only way to affect change is from the inside.

Anyways, i have been on the conservative end of most of my peers for a long time. Not socially, obviously, but financially for sure. I have very little empathy for the consumerists who over-borrow and expect us working Joes (of any class) to bail them out. But, i contributed to the failed Greek Bailout indiegogo. Why? Because they're my fucking countrymen. Europe is Europe. Fuck reinstating the petty borders of last century, today we should be united. I used to fucking hate protestors because they get in my face when i am trying to go to work and pay taxes and go about my everyday business. God knows my angry activist peers have annoyed me out of contributing to causes i really should be taking an active part in like gay rights, tranny rights, immigrant rights and raver rights (yeah yeah, first world problems). But today coming home from work and being confronted by a literal fucking barricade of coppers in riot gear just to "protect" against the handful of squatter punks who still live in the neighborhood preaching squatter rights and anarchism... I was disgusted. And, for the first time, it was the overreach of the pigs that pissed me off, not the inconvenience of the protestors.

Like, fucking, seriously. These protestors are the kids who keep spraypainting our lobby with anarchist and anti-capitalist slogans. These are the kids who i give my change to when i leave the grocery store and whose bars i drink at when i want to escape the tourist-infested tragedy of a few blocks south of here. These are my fucking boys, and although their values may not align totally with mine, when they want the coppers and the gentrifiers out of our neighborhood, i am totally with them. Fuck these fucking douchenozzle cops and their overdriven response to a couple of stone-throwers during yesterday's "riot". Seriously. But, perhaps more accurately, fuck these fucking douchenozzle ACTUAL yuppies who are moving into this neighborhood and getting the council to paint massive fucking speed limit eyesores on the fucking roads while they continue to paint Parisian pastels over the graffiti of the kids who made this neighborhood something unique when everyone else fled to West Berlin because the grocery stores over there sold bananas.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not for going back to the days when this kiez was gray and riddled with bullet holes and Neo-Nazi squatters were killing Antifa squatters in the subway station. But Jesus fucking Christ. We have all of three or four squatted buildings left in the area, they provide services to the rest of the community (like bars where cold beers still cost the same price as they do at the grocery store) and one week a year they march for squatters' rights. What kind of asshat is going to pull in a fucking G8 Summit-scale army of cops to manage that? Ugh.
Tags: family, politics, protest, rants

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