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i ran all night and day

So, without a doubt, Monday drunkenness is the result of staying home Sunday afternoons. I was trying to figure out my drinking rhythm, you know, some kinda CBT thing, and seriously. When i go out Sunday i am hungover Monday and maybe i have a couple beers after work, but usually my day was so miserable i am passed out by 9pm. When i don't go out Sunday... Well, here we are. Post rivet head bar. Listening to Raf, Sandra and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Good times.

What was also good times was Garbicz. In some ways it wasn't as great as last year because there were more people. Probably not tons more people, but enough so that when i turned up around noon on Friday i couldn't pitch my tent looking out on the forest. In fact i had to pitch it right up next to a path (they didn't have marked paths last year - you just pitched wherever). But, aside from the tent situation, the food situation was a lot better - we didn't have the ironically entertaining former Soviet puppet state wait-in-line-over-an-hour-for-breakfast experience like last year. And although there were more people, there were more/bigger stages too, so the daytime party crowd was distributed and it never got claustrophobic.

Apparently the crew camp was a lot better outfitted this year, which might explain why i hardly saw any of my pink-armband VIP buddies from the Katerholzig, but a couple of them deemed it cool enough to dance with the proletariat, so i still ran into a bunch of people i "know". Totally awesome festival. Even with another thousand people on top, i saw way more of my secret Sunday friends than i have at any other festival. It has a bit of a reputation for being snobby because it costs 200€ which is 4x what MUCH bigger festivals cost in Germany, but it's the only one i go to each year, so imo it's worth it to hang out with my Kätzchen for 4+ days of non-stop techno. The music is genau my thing. Though there were definitely more Hainis and Blankis there this year. Ahhh, us Berlin clubkids und unsere Wohnzimmer. We all have our favorite clubs in town, but in the country we're all part of the same fucked-up raver family.

I actually wrote a bunch of stuff on paper while i was there, but, like last year, it all just seemed kinda insignificant by the time i got home. Maybe i'll summarize all those thoughts someday.

Work continues to not suck. I'm so waiting for the other shoe to drop. But so far, it is really nice to be working for a small company again, and one that has a really laid-back, creative, start-up atmosphere without feeling like a pretentious VC-funded programmer playground. Everyone who works there is really smart, but we all know we can't just relax and rake in the bucks because if we lose a customer, we lose our paycheck. Business how it should be, imo.

I'm sure i had something more intelligent to say, but, you know, i'm drunk.

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