amw (amw) wrote,

lala sundays

I kind of feel like writing, though i am not entirely sure what i want to write about.

Work is going fine. It is a small enough company where people wear many hats, so i have the chance to slot into a role that feels like it can meaningfully help the company and our customers without being pushed in one pointless direction or another. I went out for drinks with a bunch of the guys from my old job this week and must admit to partaking in a little schadenfreude with the amount of bitching and complaining that went on. People got pulled off stuff they cared about to go on a new task force, the other task force was dissolved, 18-month projects got killed, they still haven't released anything, people feel like they're being underpaid, no one gets "fired" but they get Officespaced, now they get the perk of going to conferences while being forced to have their talks rubber-stamped by PR... What a clusterfuck.

I also went out for drinks with a bunch of my current work guys and i'm still at that stage with the new company where i'm worried that the sort of ridiculous antics i get up to when i drink might reflect poorly on me at work. Though, i think my colleagues learn very quickly that when it comes to work-work i take it very fucking seriously and make sure i do everything for the company regardless of my lifestyle or personal outlook on things... But i tend to rant and rave and act fabulously OTT when i drink at pubs, which, for people who don't know me well, or who didn't grow up drinking with a bunch of drama queens and drug addicts, could be a bit much. Sorry not sorry. Oh well, life goes on.

I took Monday off this week so i could go to the Kater birthday. Needless to say, i should have taken Tuesday off as well, since being a birthday and all they have shifted all the awesome from the usual Sunday afternoon/Monday morning schedule to Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning. D'oh. I was considering going in to see Mira for a couple hours today then going back again tomorrow, but i am wise enough to know if i do go today i will not be in a state to make it tomorrow. Which begs the question what kind of state i'll be in when i have to show up at work on Tuesday. Urgh. Let's not think about that.

In completely different yet interesting news, J-from-Brisbane (i know too many Js...) is in town this week. I haven't seen her in years. I would love to catch up, even if all we do is some relive some wonderous trashbaggery of the mid-2000s. She is one of the many Facebook friends i have who hardly ever posts anything (much like myself), so i am not sure what she gets up to except for getting caught in random drunken photos (much like myself). She did come up here with her girlfriend to travel to a bajillion rock festivals, though, so i think we'll be fine. (Well, except for guitar music pretty much making me want to tear my ears off these days, but hey.)

Another interesting news is our forthcoming company trip, which will be my first excursion to Northern California that is not related to either T or (tangentially) the dream of immigrating since i was a teenager. It will be interesting to experience it all through a cold emotionless work-related lens. I will write more on that at some point later.

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