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when you can't stop smiling

So i had an entirely entertaining Friday/Saturday. I had a few entertaining days this week. I met up with J and K (who i haven't even thought about for almost 10 years and did not recognize her as a fellow bridesmaid in one of the few weddings i have had the misfortune of attending...) J i do remember, however, as the ex of my very best friend in Brissy before he went off the deep end and the best friend of my ex M. He's married with a kid now. She's a lesbian now. My ex M is straight now. So, you know, Generation Y and their/our fluid sexuality ftw, right?

Anyways, Wednesday night was crazy, Thursday i was luckily able to work from home, but Friday was one of the most entertaining nights i've had since i lived here. And i have had a LOT of entertaining nights. We started by attempting to get into K17, a well-known goth/metal/whatever club about 5 minutes walk from my house. I've never been, and there happened to be a "famous" psychobilly band playing so J was totally pumped. Of course it was all sold out, so i took her and K to Rock and Viking bar which is practically next door to my house for a bit of heavy metal and mead.

We tried many different meads. I got rather drunk. Then, because they are aren't Berliners and aren't used to the tempo where you get insanely drunk and then keep going for another 12 hours, they went home. So i went across the road to one of my local kneipen, and who should i meet but one of the famous gigolos from another kneipe down the road. After getting kicked out of that one we proceeded to his place where we had some sex and he passed out and i decided to go to Kater. Which, after passing out for a couple hours on a couch, turned out to be one of the most wonderful Kater nights... I mean, they are all wonderful, but it just felt good because the previous evening had been so hilarious. Awesome house music, familiar faces, i made up with the girl i had apparently dissed a couple weeks ago, only because we had exchanged numbers a few months beforehand and then were never able to meet up... Anyway we had hugs and kisses and all was good, then somehow i managed to keep going till 3pm when they shut it down, and then.. Oh, and then i decided to do my groceries, sweaty, dirty and insanely drunk. It was all very, very funny. I passed out for well over 12 hours after that, and still spent most of Sunday hungover. Then i drank two bottles of sekt and now i am drunk again. Yay.

Yes, i missed the Bachstelzen party. The party i had already booked Monday morning off so i could go to. But i was too done-for to get my ass out of the house. Oh well. At least i had brötchen. I'll save my halfday of last week's overtime for another day.

It was funny meeting J again after 7 or 8 years and realizing i am as much of a trashbag as i was in 2005. Actually, way way way more of a trashbag. Except now i am a "mature" partier, so i party much harder, much longer, and i hardly ever puke or waste my nights being moody and drug-addicted when i could instead be ridiculous and carefree. Sex, drugs and acid-trance. Fucking a. That's the only things worthwhile in this life, and i got no apologies.

I need a tag for parties.

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