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After clearly getting very, very drunk last night in an attempt to try avoid being upset over work, i called in "sick" for the first time ever at this job. Except now i am legit sick. Sore throat. Upset stomach. You could say "well, duh, hangover", except for i have hangovers very regularly, and this is a different kind of sore throat and upset stomach than usual. I feel like crap. A different kind of crap. Really crap.

If i were in the office right now, i would be interviewing a guy who wants to come on board, but i am not sure i could do it sitting next to two of the guys who were part of the mutiny plot of yesterday afternoon. I mean, "mutiny". It's not like we're gearing up to walk our CEO off the plank or anything. In all honesty, the biggest irony is that what is needed to solve their lack of direction and motivation is more elaborate processes and firmer management. It's like programmer bizarro world, where everyone has been granted great power and great responsibility, but now they're like who is taking care of this thing and how do i motivate myself to do that and why don't we have milestones? And i completely agree, because i think self-organization is a bunch of garbage, but talk to any programmer in the industry and they will swear up and down they would get more done if only they could be truly autonomous and trusted to make the big decisions themselves. Perhaps the CEO is doing some kind of Sun Tzu psy-ops shit, and this is all part of his diabolical plan to make the devs ask to be managed like it's their own idea.

The thing is, aside from the comedy factor of it all, what i don't like is this kind of behind-the-back meeting, let's get a bunch of guys together to make a list of complaints, and strategize when would be the best time to talk to the boss about it and bla bla. I get that people don't want to go out on a limb, but i somewhat resent being added to this little cabal and having the other guys add my weight to their complaints, even though i do agree with them in principle on several items. It all feels a bit union-y, or, at least, the worst stereotype of it, which is a bunch overpaid lazy guys meeting clandestinely so they can plan how to stick it to the suits even more than they already are simply by being overpaid and lazy. Not here for that shit. Not surprised it's happening here, since people are people, but this is exactly what i do not like, in work, in personal life, in anywhere. Secret meetings and gossip and intimidation in numbers is just bad bad bad. I will feel much better when these guys get it out in the open and make their cases.

God help me if i somehow end up being promoted to team lead at my fourth job in a row.
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