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hi, i'm amw, and i'm an alcoholic
It's after 3am. I have to be in the office before 9:30am to interview some dude i can't even remember his name. Never, ever, hold interviews on Monday morning. That happened because most of our senior devs are flying out to some conference or other that i don't give a shit about so they won't be here after lunch. Monday morning i am not even functional before lunch. Normally i go out clubbing Sunday afternoon to alleviate the Sunday blues. This Sunday - in fact, this entire weekend - i stayed at home because i am jet-lagged and exhausted and i just don't have the energy to do pretty much anything. Since i got back to Europe i haven't woken up earlier than 10am. I am fucking done.

I played a lot of video games. Then tonight i decided to watch Mr Robot. Talk about fucking triggering. If it wasn't enough to come back out of North America, where the most anxiety-ridden and psychotic moments of my life occurred, i stupidly decided to watch a show about hackers that ended up being a show about drug addicts and schizophrenics. Yay. Fuck my job. I watched the clock tick 3:03. 3:03, motherfuckers, that's the magical time i turn into a synthesizer. Bleep bloop bleep bloop. Thank God i have a bottle of rum. Well only a half bottle now, after finishing the sekt (champagne). Fuck my life. Fuck my job. Why do i have no drugs? Life is fabulous. And stuff. Whee triggers. If there was ever a day to call in sick...