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My dad asked me when i'm seeing Star Wars Episode 7. I dunno. Sometime. God, i haven't watched a movie in forever.

I was never a big fan of Star Wars. Its heyday was a little before my time, and by the time the laserdisc came out i was into more serious science fiction. There was a very small window of me being interested in fantasy - basically the late 80s when my mom read us The Hobbit and Narnia and i went on to read Lord of the Rings. Then around age 11 i discovered Larry Niven and Philip K Dick and Kim Stanley Robinson, and after that sword fights (in space or otherwise) just did not appeal any more. Well, except for Dune. But Frank Herbert is fucking next level space opera. George Lucas can only dream.

Still, Star Wars is a very important part of pop culture. And a milestone in special effects. I wouldn't have been able to get the jokes in some of my favorite movies if i didn't see Star Wars. So, fine. I still remember when Episode 1 came out - i actually saw that movie in the theater with my dad, and since i only saw him once or twice again in the next 10 years, it was a big deal. I enjoyed the flick. Of course, i am a professional nerd, so since then i have been hearing every day about how that nice memory of mine was actually destroying the Star Wars legacy and bla bla bla bla bla. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And now i have to watch Episode 7, because if i don't, i won't understand any of my colleagues' pop culture references in the upcoming year. But honestly i don't give a fuck. And i don't have the patience. I haven't watched a movie in forever.

Occasionally when i am very drunk i will put on one my feel-good faves, like Hackers, or The Fifth Element, or Chasing Amy, or (most recently) Betty Blue. Or some classic Hollywood, from the time when actors wore snappy suits and acted like actors. But usually a movie feels like too much of an investment. Which is somewhat silly, because i watch a ton of TV shows. I binge-watch TV shows. Hours and hours and hours of TV shows. Somehow that doesn't faze me. I'm not sure why. Maybe because i have the illusion i can stop after an episode. Or maybe because i like when stories can take a bit longer to develop. Or maybe TV really does have better stories than movies these days. I dunno. I haven't seen Interstellar. I haven't seen the new Terminator. I haven't seen the new Riddick. I haven't seen Gravity. I haven't seen The Martian. I haven't seen Ender's Game. God, there's probably a hundred more. Meanwhile i am watching fabulous trash on the CW, most of the Syfy shows, all the Netflix stuff...

And i am playing games. Maybe this is my real movie replacement. Over Christmas i played a bunch of sci-fi games on my backlog. Technobabylon. NEON STRUCT. STASIS. I played CONSORTIUM a couple weeks back. (What's with the fucking caps, btw?) Life is Strange, game of the year. The new episode of Dreamfall is live, pending German dub. Dex is downloaded and cued up. The latest Majestic Nights episode was hilarious. The new Deus Ex and Mirror's Edge games both got delayed till late 2016 and those delays bummed me out more than any cancellation of a show since Sarah Connor Chronicles. Games are serious fucking business these days. Even the indie games (especially the indie games!) are doing Dickian stuff that we only ever saw in novels. God, CONSORTIUM was insanely good. Technobabylon was great, and i still gave it a middling review because i was comparing it to the genius of Gemini Rue, which is almost 5 years old now. Modern science fiction gaming is bringing the Scanner Darkly paranoia, the Event Horizon gothic, the Aliens action, the Total Recall cyberpunk, the eXistenZ body horror, the Illuminatis! conspiracy, the Bladerunner noir, and yes, the Star Wars space opera... Even stuff like République with its cliché story from hell has superb voice acting reminiscent of classic radio serials. And you can play it on an iPhone! I mean, fuck.

So, what? I don't know why i'm typing this. I'm drunk. No one will read it. Point is, i don't watch movies any more. TV shows are great. Jessica Jones. Fuck yeah. She is basically me with superpowers. But games are even better. Zoë Castillo. Love you, girl. She is basically me without an addiction. Latha Sesame. ❤ 💕. She is basically me without a job. Max Caulfield. She is basically me in my teenage fantasy. And that's all this is anyway, right? Genre fiction is all about the Mary Sue fantasy. And games do it better. Who's that new girl version of Luke Skywalker? Don't care. Luke Skywalker was a douche. Maybe i would get back into movies if there was a new Alice. Though i haven't seen any of the new Resident Evils either, so, erm. Multipass.

Wow. Yes i am drunk.

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