amw (amw) wrote,

in entirely unsurprising news

I got asked by my boss to become a manager/lead. Again. One of the reasons i decided for this job over other jobs was precisely because i could just be another line programmer who didn't have to worry about the politics from above or development of my guys below, but it seems i am "doomed" to keep falling back into this. It's my own doing, i guess. I can't just bash out code. I do care about developing junior guys and maximizing the output of senior guys. I like efficiency. I like dealing with problems that help hardcore programmer types focus on what they are very good at instead of concerning themselves with the processes outside of that. It's stressful, and more responsibility than i would like, but i guess i have a knack for it.

It's not official yet, and i did say to my boss that i would only like to go there if my guys felt comfortable with an on-paper promotion. Although the truth is i won't be doing much more than what i already am doing, except for also holding formal one-on-ones. This is probably good for the guys, because it's unrealistic for my boss (who is also the CEO) to do one-on-ones and help with goal-setting and career development for 10-12 people. But, yeah. Manager. Again.

I guess i will relax when i retire.
Tags: career

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