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i did it!
I fucking did it! Not only did i watch a movie, but i managed to leave my house and have a normal evening out without getting completely blitzed. I got together with I for coffee and chats, vegan food and a movie. Peanuts was totally sweet, and watching it in a comfy armchair with a cold beer was perfect. I've walked past that cult video store slash indie theater a dozen times and never bothered to go in. Good grief. It's so cozy, like watching a movie in a big living room. Yay.

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A good movie house is totally a worth a visit. :)

Definitely! I forget sometimes because i always associate movies with these huge, soulless metroplexes in a shopping mall somewhere. There's something really pleasant about watching a movie in what is little more than a converted house with a gin joint in the front and a cult video store in the back.

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