amw (amw) wrote,

I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen...

Except in my life i gave her my heart and i gave her a pen too - Christmas last year :-) She gave me a pen too, a few years back, come to think of it. Pens are cool! I bought a copy of "Say Anything" today, to close out my Easter break. I remember one of the first movies T got me to watch when i went to see her the first time was "Better Off Dead", another 80s John Cusack flick. This was one we watched a little later, and it brings back all those memories of curling up on the couch with her, popcorn and diet coke. Cute movie too, even if i think the chick should've skipped England and gone on to live the life of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll that she'd been denied up till then. Heh. Anyway. So i'm feeling relaxed and i will go to bed soon and struggle into work tomorrow. And hopefully get my car.

Did i mention? I guess not. My fucking car is still at the shop. I turned up on Thursday and he said he was still waiting for parts. So i totally wasted my day off and i was livid when i finally got home (after waiting an hour for the cab). Saturday night i waited another 45 minutes for a cab to get back from my friend's place. The amount of time i waste waiting for cabs and buses drives me more insane the longer i own a car and can't drive it. I shouldn't have to be putting up with this crap any more! It better be done by this weekend. I'm sick of spending some crazy amount on public transport every week and carrying tens of cans of coke home from the store and gah.

It looks like i'll be moving in about three weeks, and i'm going to need money (deposit on room plus bed and desk and telephone number transfer and change of address notices). I'll be moving in with a guy i've known for a while who has most of the rest of the house already furnished, so i won't need to buy a TV and washer and dryer and fridge and all that kind of stuff. Which is good because after i pay off the car i am going to have precisely zero dollars cash and a fair bit of debt (built up from the last 18 months). Hopefully things will be a little cheaper when i'm not paying for cabs all the time, and having rent drop by $20-30 a week should cover electricity increases and anything else unexpected. Either way i'm hoping it'll be a better deal than living here where i never know when people are coming or going and i never feel i have my own space.

Woo yeah interesting shit right here. Sorry for the lack of deep thought. I'm shallow and stuff. Send me moving money ;-)
Tags: car, looking back, my boring life

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