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something cheered me up yesterday

The best news of the week: my beloved Andrew Sullivan is coming back to political media, except unfortunately not with his fabulous grab-bag of a blog that celebrated art and religion and gay men and internet memes alongside the sometimes-smart-sometimes-neurotic political commentary. He will just be doing sometimes-smart and presumably less-than-sometimes (when it comes to Clinton) neurotic political commentary for New York magazine. Ah well, it's something.

I've been thinking about Clinton recently, since she ends up being the target of a plurality of ugly comments on both left- and right-leaning blogs that i read. I still do not really understand what exactly she did to deserve the vitriol. Andrew Sullivan hated her because he conflated her with her husband, who oversaw three appallingly anti-gay pieces of federal policy - DOMA, DADT and the HIV travel ban. And, my God, i can imagine his outrage when she made her biggest gaffe of this campaign - praising Nancy Reagan for addressing the HIV epidemic instead of vilifying her for ignoring it. Though, admittedly, that verges on conflating a first lady with her husband's policies again. But, okay, Andrew Sullivan i expect to become histrionic over this stuff - as much as i love him, like many affluent gays of his generation an underlying misogyny only magnifies the sense of betrayal. The gays aside, a straight coalition of young and old of all political stripes now trumpet all manner of bizarre conspiracy theories as justification for their hatred. I mean, Benghazi? Email servers? Wall Street Illuminati? Come the fuck on. Look past a handful of poor votes and now-abandoned neoliberal ideas and she has 30+ years of being a progressive lawyer, policy wonk, self-made woman and eminent tough girl in the face of it all. Aside from letting her career get temporarily hijacked by her husband, she comes across to me as a feminist icon, not to mention a hardy politician. Really, America could do a lot worse.

But, hey, what do i know? I, too, am a career woman, but i bail the moment things get tough because at heart i'm decidedly un-ambitious. So i kinda get dazzled by over-achieving hardscrabble hustlers with whom i have some ideological overlap. That whole "it coulda been me, if i gave enough of a shit" thing.

I am not really sure what i give a shit about to be honest. Hey, it's the weekend, i am finally sober again. But not relaxed enough to want to sink time into anything but being my usual housebound media sponge. Computer games. Television. News. Blogs. Distractions. Anything to try avoid me from thinking about the fact i need to be back in the office Monday. I wonder if Hillary Clinton eats leftover Chinese food while wrapped in a blanket watching CW shows every weekend? Probably not. But if i met her she'd probably reminisce about that one weekend she did, and i'd be like yay i'll vote for you, please don't let them ever cancel Supernatural. And she would say sure thing, and i'd say i'll have a drink for you the night you become president.

Well, i'll have a drink anyway. It's a Tuesday.
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