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W00T! Finally. I had to take another full day off work to get all the paperwork and stuff done, but i've got it and it's mine and yay. It was a fair bit less than i had expected, so that leaves a bit extra to do other little tweaky things i want to do on the interior... but the first mission will be to find screws to put the plates on tomorrow.

The biggest drama was getting into the car port at this house. What an impossible corner! It's up a 45 degree slope, then reverse around a corner and back the other way to park parallel on the slope. Really horrible in a stick shift and no power steering :-( I'm debating whether to keep trying it and risk burning out the clutch or just saying the hell with it and parking illegally on the road after work till someone drives off and i can move the car to a legal spot. Yikes. Urk, even.

But i do have a car. It's a bit jumpy when it's slow (could be my shitty driving), but once you hit 35-40mph it sounds beautiful. Next thing on the agenda, moving house. Two weeks to go!
Tags: car

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