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fuck dogs

I am a month vegan right now, but Jesus Christ do I want to shoot every fucking dog in this apartment building. I can't decide if barking dogs or punk music is the worst noise pollution in my neighborhood. Though I guess that's what you get living on a historically anarchist/squatted block. Still, allowing your dog to bark for hours and hours and hours is a serious fucking cunt maneuver. The only people in this hood who should own dogs are the gutter punks. Their dogs are quiet and sit by their sides 24/7 - on a bench, down an alley, out the front of the liquor store... But anyone who locks a large dog in a one-bedroom apartment while they spend their night elsewhere is just a raging asshole. It's not just noise pollution, it's animal cruelty.

Okay I changed my mind, I don't want to shoot every fucking dog in the apartment building. I want to shoot the owners.
Tags: rants

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