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It would be nice if i didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I am drinking in the media from all sources at the moment, less for the actual news that is being reported as the way things are happening. It's very fascinating to me right now. At the risk of acting like an archetypical blogger, here is some of the stuff i've been tuning into all weekend:
An Iraqi blogger reporting from inside Baghdad.
DC-based CBS News Radio affiliate with direct feed from embedded CBS reporters. Scott Pelley was on the front line today with a group of marines reporting while a battle was going on, you could hear the weapons and the shouted orders in real-time.
24/7 RealVideo stream out the window of a hotel in Baghdad. It really drives the point home how small the world is. You can see people driving around in cars, walking around, living their lives. Electricity is still on, traffic lights running. Yesterday a friend of mine and i saw the smoke rising around the city from burning oil trenches before any of the TV stations reported it.
The best internet reporting i've found, Washington Post. They have a dispatch page with the latest Reuters and AP feeds. Very good photographers also.

Plus of course there is CNN and Fox, though they are missing all the scoops. BBC is average, but they do have live feeds online for free. Christian Science Monitor and Arab News have some interesting articles. Al Jazeera is all in Arabic, but have photos that the Western news sources aren't showing.

What is particularly interesting to me, is how the media are being manipulated by the military of both sides. CNN and Fox are quite happily admitting they're holding back information that could be sensitive. A lot of their reporting is being packaged in what appears to be a very precise manner, "bombing" Iraqis with laser-guided images of white flags and fireworks. And then at the same time we in the west are being "bombed" by CNN and Fox ourselves, featuring Al Jazeera images and rumors and translated reports from Iraq's Information Ministry.

I've read some great articles about psychological operations and how seriously they're being taken by the military in this war. With so much information available to people in this day and age, and so much emphasis being placed on preserving the infrastructure of Iraq (electricity, communications, etc), this type of warfare has become tremendously important for both sides. And the thing that blows me away is that we get to see it! We don't even have to be on the same continent to be on the front line - everyone is being targeted via the media, and we're all involved. It's not just about the soldiers any more. It's an interesting time to be alive...

Lastly, a link to Sun Tzu's Art of War. "All warfare is based on deception." Hmm...
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