amw (amw) wrote,

Labor Day blows goats.

No other way to say this. What a fucking gay afternoon. First things first, i'm moved. Lots of running around doing shit... Even though it was just across town to a house i already knew with only 3 carloads of stuff, it was stress bigtime. Most of my stuff is sorted now, though, except for all my synths, computer and bed. In short, i need a desk and a bed. Yesterday i got a bed, which will arrive next week. Desk? Well. Today i had a list of things i needed to still do. Amongst other things, buy detergent, do laundry, go to cheap furniture store for DIY desk, call phone company to get the line connected here, buy sheets for the bed, etc etc. So i wake up after sleeping in and decide i'll do the home things first. Do laundry using my roommate's detergent (as i was planning on buying some to replace it), bring a table upstairs to my room to put ornaments on, hang out laundry, put together a shelf thing that's been in the garage to maybe lose some of the piles of DVDs and CDs around the place... Done done done.

And then it was time to go shopping. I knew the local supermarket would be closed, so i drove out to el grande mall. Supersize mall for Brisbane, it's got heaps of shops and stuff. About 15-20 minutes drive. Get there and it's fucking deserted. The whole goddamn mall, i mean it's not some shitty little corner shopping center, it's a real mall. Westfield Carindale, you SUCK. So i figure if the suburban malls are closed, at least downtown will be open. Drive another 20 minutes downtown, there are some people walking around so it looks promising. Park in a stupid downtown carpark that costs $8 an hour or something and jump out. Walk up to the mall downtown and it's closed too! Jesus! In fact, the only fucking stores that were open were Allan's (kinda like Guitar Center), Burger King, tourist/gift stores and record shops. Man oh man was i pissed. So i splurged and bought the Battlestar Galactica mini-series that was on Sci-Fi a few months ago. It better be worth the $27 plus $8 parking.

So all in all i spent about 2 hours driving around trying to find stuff that was open only to find nothing open. Oh yeah, and the cherry: i called the phone company's "24 hour" number and they said "sorry call back Tuesday". What the fuck? So now tomorrow the phone line will switch off and i'm gonna have to turn the thumbscrews to try get them to have it back up by tomorrow night. *sigh*

Aside from this afternoon, though, it's been great being here. My room isn't a dark little hole, my roommate's only home at 9 so i have some time to myself to relax, i have my own shower, we have a living room with a couch (talk about luxury) - i can actually spend time outside my bedroom! It's a wonderful feeling. Hopefully in a week or two i'll have some furniture and be able to properly get settled. And then college... Urgh. At least there's no holiday next weekend.
Tags: my boring life, rants

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