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tastes like chicken... tastes like ass.

So, i just broke my veganism in a big way. I am sure i have broken it in small ways over the last few months - mostly by having Asian dishes that undoubtedly contain fish sauce or dashi, sometimes by ordering a tofu burger without cheese and getting it with - but this time i actually ate a bunch of chicken. I ordered a falafel dürüm, got home and it had chicken. This is the moment where i realize i am an economic/environmentalist vegan and not an animal rights vegan. Because i would rather eat animal flesh than throw it away. Throwing it away would be wasteful, and worse for the environment. Btw, it tasted oily and bland compared to the tofu, nuts and beans that have made up my main proteins for the last few months.

I can't say how it will affect me. The few times i've gotten cheese on my tofu burgers when i asked them to hold the cheese, i have felt sick the rest of the day. Yeah, i've turned into one of those pathetic weak-stomached vegans. And i used to be able to eat anything. But, honestly, i think dairy is more fucked than meat when it comes to your digestive system. Once you stop eating it for a bit, that's it, your stomach just goes "nope". We'll see what happens with this chicken. Probably it'll be fine.

I guess it's practice for when i am in Buttfuck, Idaho next month. It boggles my mind how many of the restaurants in these towns out in the midwest and mountain west only serve dishes with meat, and the one vegetarian dish is all cheese or eggs. Of course i could survive on apples, rice cakes and nuts, but i still want to eat some of the local food. So, we'll see. Probably there are better places that aren't on the internet

I would like to write more about the trip i have planned. And maybe a bit more about my weird social phobia (except not?) that has bubbled up over the past few years. But right now i need to watch Tim Kaine on Colbert and get drunk. TGIF.

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