amw (amw) wrote,

It is teh bleh thyme.

Yeah. Umm. So what have i been up to these past couple weeks? Not a real whole lot, but i've felt busy. Biggest news is i bought a bed, which is the first bed that i've slept on that was mine since 2001. It's soooo much more comfortable than the bed that i slept on in the other house! Sleeping is nice. Unfortunately sitting in front of the PC is not nice because it's on the floor. Every time i'm here longer than about 20 minutes i start getting really bad back pain, so i'm steering clear of the computer quite a bit. I need a desk, but my money situation sucks ass. I enrolled in college ($1300!) and a few other things... and now my debt is way too high. I hope to get 1/3 of it paid off by July, and then with a bit of luck i might get a tax return to knock another 1/3 off or something. Here's hoping.

Yesterday i went downtown and finally picked up hair color - i've had like 2 months of roots or something crazy. Also new foundation by MAC, which makes me feel all super duper makeup person. Arighty. I have teh red hair again!

Tonight is another Acid Fever, which i'm keen to go to... have a listen to some stomping acid. I'm getting old, though, every party i go to these days i start flagging around midnight. It's not so much the time as the exercise. My body hurts after dancing just an hour or two, and i usually don't dig standing around socializing. I don't think i'm out-of-shape, but i should probably try to start exercising again now that i'm driving most places.

T is in Reno at the moment, she has been all week. I miss her, and i wish i could be along for the ride... She also had to see the doctor just before leaving and i hope that went alright. I worry about her. She means the world to me and i just wish i could do something to help, to heal her. Diabetes sucks enough on its own without adding other shit to the mix :-(

Well, here comes the back pain. Doesn't bode well for a night of dancing. But i'll put on some of my glamorous MAC foundation (heh) and something on my eyes and bounce around for as long as my body can deal with it :-)
Tags: decrepit, my boring life, raving

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