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America's swift decline

Because everything starts on Facebook now, here's a rant copy/pasted from there. More below.


Dear all those Monday morning quarterbacks on my feed who are suddenly now piping up that oh well Clinton was the same as Trump anyway, fuck you. For fucking serious. If you are a Canadian, European or Australian, or if you are an American ex-pat, or if you are an affluent white American in a red state or a less-fortunate American in a blue state, check your goddamn privilege.

You aren't the ones whose health cover will vanish if the ACA is repealed. You aren't the ones who will have your rights stripped away because "freedom of religion". You aren't the ones who will lose access to reproductive health services. You aren't the ones who will fear for your life as the bigots around you become ever more emboldened. You aren't the ones who will face the choice between peeing in one bathroom and getting assaulted or peeing in the other bathroom and getting arrested. You aren't the ones who have faced systemic oppression by law enforcement that has now not only been legitimized but could well be mandated. You aren't the ones who face deportation from a country you have called home for most of your lives. You are the privileged ones.

You may disagree with Clinton on big money, on international policy, whatever, but pretending that having a lifelong Democrat (or any Democrat) serve in the executive is equivalent to the scenario Americans now face where Republicans dominate all three branches of government is willfully ignorant. No one who calls themselves a progressive or a liberal by any measure could equate these two, and by doing so is complicit in spreading exactly the right-wing propaganda that catapulted this spiteful and narcissistic flim-flam man to the presidency in the first place.

Seriously. Just spend five seconds thinking about the tens of millions of disabled, people of color, newcomers, undocumented migrants, transpeople, non-English speakers, gays and lesbians, non-Christians and other minorities living in parts of America that are already hostile to them. Those are the people who needed someone to fight for them, to protect their rights. Clinton would have done that. Trump, and the rest of the establishment Republicans that the hordes of alleged "anti-establishment" (read: white nationalist) voters voted for, will not.


I mean, seriously. I could get saying "well they're both the same" if there were checks and balances in one of the other two branches of government. That's what makes America's government work (albeit sometimes infuriatingly slowly). But in this election it was already a long-shot for the Democrats to seize Congress, and the Supreme Court vacancy has been VERY FUCKING EXPLICITLY politicized by the Republicans. It is sheer, unadulterated asshattery to pretend Clinton and Trump are both the same, and seeing so-called liberals on my Facebook say this pisses me off more than the nihilists who just voted Trump because fuck everything or the delusional Bernie stans who think this election was already lost the moment the DNC "rigged" the nomination for Hillary.

The reactions of friends and acquaintances who AREN'T fucking rich white people living in nice blue cities in nice blue states has been not just one of shock, but actual fear for their lives. It's triggered anxiety attacks and suicidal ideations. I know because I was fucking up all night dealing with it on several fronts. I am a hardcore political nerd, I remember following the 2000 election very closely, and all the ones after it, and never in all that time has one been this catastrophically fucked - not just for the political outcome but also for the emotional toll it's taken on people and the awful damage it has done to the entire American democratic institution.

Yes, the basket of deplorables is real. And after shitting all over European politics - PVV, UKIP, AfD, FN - it's gone taken a dump over the entire fucking nation of the United States of America. Shameful.

This feels like Brexit all over again. The one upside for me is that I am not directly affected so I will probably recover faster. But some of my closest friends are directly affected. Plus, you know, I have only slept 2 hours in the last two days so I am also feeling exhausted and seedy and sick. Oh yeah, and those hives haven't gone away. And although I called in sick to work today I will have to be back tomorrow. But, yeah. 2016. Motherfuck. Bowie, Brexit and now this. So done with just about everything right now.
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