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You know what's funny. I'm drunk now so I'm not going to make sense. That's not the funny part. I recently traveled through America. By Greyhound. Through the flyover states. I stayed in the cheapest motels in the smallest towns. I met felons and miners and bikers and cowboys. I ate at diners and drank at dive bars. I most certainly did not rub shoulders with the well-to-do.

From my admittedly limited exposure, the narrative that there was some kind of proletarian revolution in this election is garbage. Amongst the middle-class suburban bourgeoisie, sure, I saw those yard signs. But in REAL fucking rural America, in the trailer parks and truck stops and gin joints, you know what i saw? White, Hispanic and native Americans sitting side by side eating tacos and getting drunk and ignoring the whole charade because no federal politician is ever going to give a shit about anyone west of the Missouri. Least of all poor people with nothing but two guns, a dog and a single-wide.

On the night of the election I was dumbfounded by rural voters. Because no self-respecting working class folks I met out in the sticks would have swung that way. They most likely wouldn't have voted at all, but that's a whole nother problem with American democracy.

Anyway, I did skip real quick past the Great Lakes region on my road trip. It reminded me too much of suburban Toronto, which is depressing as fuck. Perhaps I missed something there. Perhaps I missed the racism. My friend who grew up in Windsor/Detroit predicted the Trump win a year ago. I refused to believe her, but she - at the time completely ignorant to American politics - still understood the power of (and I quote) "drunk young American rednecks".

So, in conclusion, fuck the Great Lakes. Too much snow in winter. Too many mosquitos in summer. The most racially divided cities in America. The most racist police departments. Also, north of the border, crack-smoking mayors. Madre mia. Sink them all.
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