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why i am not part of the hard left "mainstream"

I have a big, big problem with people who call themselves "progressives" but who are anti-globalization and anti-free trade.

For a long time i felt myself on the outside of the political left that made up most of my friends because they just could not get off this issue. I tried to pretend there wasn't a rift. With Bush we could at least focus on torture and the PATRIOT act, then with Obama there was drones and the NSA, but oh wait, some old white populist decided to run in the primary against Clinton and now suddenly the biggest boogie man of the left is the idea that everyone in the world should have the same opportunities. And then some of these faux-leftists even went on to give the deplorable racist that is now America's President-elect a pass because he's just as protectionist as their "progressive" demagogue. Fuck these backward-ass fucking clownmarines.

Any first-world liberal who is anti-globalization is basically throwing the poor, the farmers and the factory workers of developing nations under the bus out of pure jingoism. It's fucking disgusting. If these asshat "progressives" want to call me a neoliberal then i will take that term fucking gladly, because they are selfish cunts who do not give a shit about their brothers and sisters overseas.

No subsidies. No tariffs. No countries. No borders. That's what will lead to the true democratic and egalitarian future.

Where no man has gone before, motherfucker.
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