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oh wait, Jesus

In case you didn't notice. Funeral posts are done when I am so fucking wasted I feel like I am about to die. And all I want is a non-shitty memorial.

All my belongings go to my friends who gave enough of a shit to have a LiveJournal and listen to my life story over the last ~15 years. burning_angel_, jenndolari, nightyv, quit, scatterbeetle, theda_b, plus R in Windsor who has no LJ. And I in Berlin, not that she will ever read this. And if none of these get any of my money then give it to the poor. To those anywhere in the world who don't even get to see this whole middle class clusterfuck that is social media.

I am not going to lie, I love Chimera - The Future Is Upon Us. It's acid bliss. But my going into the fire funeral song is, and forever will be, the TB-303 perfection of The Kosmik Kommando - Lost Horizon. If Mike Dred/Michael Cullen is still alive when I die, send him my love and every computer, synthesizer or piece of audio equipment in my name. He had a bigger impact on me than perhaps even J Dave Rogers or John Carpenter.
Tags: depression, funeral, i am durnk, music

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