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fuck gentrification

Before i get even more drunk, let me share the gentrification list with all o' y'all.

The first, and most egregious, triumph of the bourgeoisie was the locking of my front door. Our building used to be open to the street. Anarchist graffiti was scribbled all over our lobby, our hallways, our stairwells. After months of tit-for-tat beige-ass wall-painting and graffiting over that paint, our front door was finally locked down like some kind of DOD site and our walls will henceforth remain boring as fuck. Also, apparently, i am no longer legally allowed to make a copy of my own goddamned key.

Step two, the police oppression on Rigaer Straße. It's a few blocks away in the grungier end of Nordkiez, but still. I walk past there every day on the way to work and it is fucking bullshit to have to walk through literal walls of riot police just to get to your house. Because God forbid a couple of grandpa punks want to make a point by not letting the coppers invade the building they squatted 25 years ago and now legally rent. All cops are bastards.

Step three, the park i walk through every day on the way to work, the park where gutterpunks pitch their tents and grill whatever meat they can afford after begging out the front of the convenience store... Yeah, that park, now they put fences round the flower beds because God forbid you have people walking through the pretty. In the middle of goddamn winter. Fuck you and your flowers. How about buying some meat for the punks instead?

Step four. Mother fucker. I went to buy alcohol from one of the very few 24 hour spätis (7/11s) in town. It's a couple blocks from my house. It ain't open 24 hours any more. The guy let me in anyway because i am a regular. But he said i shouldn't come again after 1am. Here's a thing. If you are a city of 4-5 million people and you are not letting drunks buy alcohol after 1am on Monday, you are basically turning into San Francisco or NYC. Where i guess still rich ass white fucking asshole upper class drunks can drink 24 hours. But that's not the point. Where are the normal people going to drink? I guess they have to move out to the suburbs full of neo-Nazis.

So, fuck yeah, gentrification. Let's make East Germany's poor whites even more racist than they already were.

I need to leave this place because i have fallen into a rut. Because i have gotten into the pattern i get into everywhere. It's always some kind of substance abuse. Here it's alcohol. I still kill it at work. But then all my spoons are gone. I have no after work spoons. I have no weekends. I don't even have a party spoon left over. I am done. I am dead. I am bitter. I am jaded. This city sucks. All cities suck, except for the first year or two you are there. Hence, i must go to a new city. Somewhere where i am too naive to see the gentrification. Somewhere i can feel free. For the very brief period i do.

Fuck everything.
Tags: i am durnk, politics

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