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I am just saying. Ten million drunk posts agree. Kosmik Kommando - Lost Horizon is my funeral song.

I love so many songs. So many songs with amazing synthesizer solos, some with riffs that put this one to shame. So much great acid music. TB-303s in the old days, VA and software nowadays. But, even though stuff like Acid Trax was the durty durty real life original shit, and the London boiz brought us some honest anarchist/squatter flava... Mike Dred's high brow yet achingly simple IDM 303 lines kill all.

Lost Horizon concept: let's take a 4-bar melody, play it on the 303 with max cutoff, max env mod, and barely any res at all. After six minutes all you will want to do is hit repeat. The song is essential listening for any acid fan. For any techno fan. For anyone.

Let's stop beating round the bush. The 303 is my God. When i die i want y'all to play this song, bbs. And, if you don't, play any other song where the synthesizer is the star. Words are limited, but the TB-303 speaks for my heart, my soul. Listen to Lost Horizon and tell me different. Synthesizers express humanity much better than human language can.

I forgot how to embed. For the future when LJ kills iframes:
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